We’ve Got Three Questions...

  1. Could you use more media coverage?

  2. Can the media find you?

  3. Do they have everything they need at their fingertips when they do?

Don’t worry. We’ve got answers, too.

If you, your business, your products or your services could use more face time with key members of the media, Wasabi Publicity’s online press kit can give you just the presence boost you need.

Good News: Whether or not you’re ready to hire a PR team to hand deliver your platform to the world, an online press kit from Wasabi can make a difference for you. Here’s how.

Our clients have been featured on these media venues and many others…

If you want a successful PR campaign, you need a strong press kit.

What Gives Wasabi’s Online Press Kit an Edge?

Problem: Old-school PDF press kits make copying and pasting information cumbersome for journalists. Sometimes it’s even impossible if they don’t have the right software on hand.

Solution: Our online press kits include all the information the media needs to tell your story, now. They can grab text for story ideas, quotes, bio information and more with just a few clicks—no special software or tedious retyping required.

Problem: When the media needs an expert, they need one fast. There’s no time to gather high-res images, bio information, your logo, a copy of your product cover or whatever else they need. If they have a choice between one expert with these items at the ready and one they have to chase, you can guess whom they’ll choose.

Solution: With an online press kit from Wasabi, members of the media have all they need in one place. Your logo, photos and product images are on hand and easy to grab, eliminating the need for time-wasting emails trying to track this material down. The media moves quickly, and your instant accessibility makes you a breeze to work with.

Problem: The media are hunting for experts, but can they find you? Whether you’re currently working with no press kit, an old-school PDF press kit or an online press kit that’s not through Wasabi, you are missing out on potential opportunities.

Solution: Every one of our online press kits is linked to our proprietary media search engine, SearchPressKits.com. Why is that important? Hundreds of members of the media use our database to find the experts they need. That means that, in addition to 1) being who the media needs, 2) having all the material on hand immediately for them to move forward with a story featuring you and 3) improved Google searchability thanks to our high-ranking platform status, you will also 4) have your press kit housed within a primary media resource.

See a few samples...

“But what does it cost?”

  • Get our best-in-class online press kit for only $500.
    • includes a client intake call and expert, media-friendly content crafted just for you by our professional writing staff
  • Maintain a live online press kit with us for just $50 a month.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your media evolution, we’re ready to support you.


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