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The strength of our online press kit platform has been put to the test over the last decade and a half and the successes we’ve achieved for our clients tell the tale. In fact, the vital importance of having an excellent online press kit was a key finding of our recent media survey. We worked with Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert of Hurlbert Consulting to find out what media representatives look for when seeking sources and a substantial number of journalists reported that they use online press kits as their primary method for source evaluation.

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If you want a successful PR campaign, you need a strong press kit.

A Press Kit That Really Works

All press kits are not created equal and, unfortunately for their clients, many publicists don’t know what their press kits are missing. Wasabi Publicity CEO Drew Gerber pioneered the most effective press kit to date back in 2002 when he left the standard PDF press kits behind in favor of online delivery.

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An Online Press Kit? What’s the Difference?

  1. SEO Our Online Press Kit 24/7 platform stimulates search engines. Media sometimes find our clients’ press kits more quickly than their public websites and can call our PR team directly—a great feature since response time on most public websites takes at least a day or two.
  2. PUBLICIST (not just webmaster) CAN EDIT Our online press kits can be updated in real time by the publicist, eliminating the need go through a webmaster. When breaking news happens, edits are easily and quickly possible.
  3. WRITTEN BY AND FOR JOURNALISTS Wasabi writers are working journalists so they write the kits directly for media use, not in the sales language reserved for main websites.
  4. CUT AND PASTE READY The Online Press Kit 24/7 one pagers are not PDFs. This makes it possible for media to easily cut and paste what they need when they need it—a feature we continually receive praise on from media who need content fast in preparation for a last-minute article or interview.
  5. BRAND EXTENSION Online Press Kit 24/7 mirrors the look and feel of clients’ public websites and they can link to it directly from their own press pages.
  6. EXPERT DATABASE Media can easily search through our press kits and find the experts they need with just a few clicks.

Putting the Media First for Client Success

Wasabi Publicity is successful because we serve the media FIRST and the client SECOND. The media needs immediate turn around and our online press kits empower our PR team to have everything they need for the media at a touch of a button (bio, photos, story ideas and more) without being beholden to client vendors to deliver materials. Over the years, we have seen time and time again how long webmasters take to update and renew press pages! Our Online Press Kit 24/7 platform eliminates this issue altogether.


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